To be the leading voice of Nigerian-American Christians and their immigrant communities within and outside the USA, advancing their interests, views and their causes.


1. We shall pray for the upliftment of Nigerian-American Christians and their immigrant communities in the US and work to marshal their influence in a widely diverse nation and world for the purpose of promoting peaceful co-existence among all people regardless of religious convictions.

2. We shall advocate vigorously for ALL Nigerian-Americans in all matters of American and global policies that may affect their interests through issue-research, public education and grassroots mobilization.

3. We shall mobilize the Nigerian-American community in the US to be proactive and respond to issues and developments by expressing their views effectively and efficiently.

4. We shall organize varying events, programmes, conduct researches and studies, in order to influence laws and policies in the USA, and also to educate, enlighten and organize our immigrant communities behind their laudable causes.

5. We shall act to bring the issues of concern to the Nigerian immigrant communities to the fore and pursue access to the mainstream of American life and society.

6. We shall collaborate with the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, and other groups/organizations whose aims and objective line-up with ours.

7. Regardless of religious or ethnic differences, we shall cooperate with all Nigerian, African, or any other national associations and professional groups in the US and outside on matters of common interests.

8. We shall support the cause of social justice as it is compatible with the Christian world view.

9. The policies, statements, operations, and activities of the association would be guided primarily by the Bible and the Judeo-Christian worldview.